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Can I replace a “kick out” door with a sectional door?

Absolutely. However, keep in mind that these doors (no longer widely available) were designed to be installed using only a few inches of headroom. Sectional doors require about 10 - 12″ of headroom for standard lift tracks. If you have much less than this your sectional door will have to be installed using low headroom tracks which is an additional cost. In some cases your opening may even need to be built down in order to accommodate¬†a sectional door. If your existing opening needs to be built down we can handle that as well.

Garage door openers - screw, chain or belt driven?

In a nutshell, we stand behind everything we sell and only sell products we are proud to put our name on…we do not sell screw drive openers. Our experience has been that, on average, these units tend to begin giving trouble long before their chain or belt driven couterparts.
Chain driven units can be a bit noisy (it varies even between units of the exact same model) but they are dependable and economical. Over the years LiftMaster has taken steps to greatly reduce the amount of noise typically found in chain driven units. LiftMaster’s chain driven openers are among the quitest chain drives on the market.
Belt driven units cost a little more than chain driven but are extremely quite and typically come with a better factory warranty. Some people have a concern with a belt possibly breaking. We have never had a belt break on a unit and LiftMaster is so confident that they provide a lifetime warranty against belt breakage. As for dependability, the chain and belt driven units are identical.

One thing you should consider when deciding on the type of unit: Do you have a highly used room over the garage? If so, we highly recommend spending the extra money and going with a belt driven unit. They transmit much less vibration through the floor to the room above and cause much less disturbance to anyone who may be in the room.

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