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Door Answers

Basic door care

We frequently have customers ask us, “what do I need to do to maintain my garage door?” Well, here’s the answer:

1) Keep it lubricated. Your garage door is basically a moving wall and it has a lot of moving parts. It is important to keep these parts properly lubricated and it’s simple to do. First, use only light-weight lubricants. Heavier lubricants (such as motor oil) will eventually catch enough debris to “gunk” up and prevent parts from moving properly and cause problems - not to mention they are a mess. Spray the lubricant on each hinge (part 1 in picture below), roller (part 2), pulley (part 3 - only on stretch spring doors), bearing plate (part 4 - only on torsion spring doors) and torson spring (part 5 - only on torsion spring doors). We recommend doing this at least once every three months. For help with locating any of these parts just give us a call.

2) Keep a check on how easily the door can be lifted by hand. Over time the springs on your door will lose some of their strength. When this happens the door will begin to be harder and harder to lift. If you have a garage door opener on the door it is a good idea to periodically disconnect the door from the opener to work the door manually. If the door ever becomes too heavy to comfortably lift by hand then the springs need adjustment and your opener shouldn’t be lifting the door. A heavy door will eventually damage your opener and lead to additional, and potentially very costly, repairs. We do not recommend adjusting spring tension on your own. Please contact us and allow us to do this for you as it can be very dangerous and potentially lead to injury without proper knowledge and tools.

Following these two simple steps will greatly increase the longevity of your door and your door opener. As always please give us a call with any questions or concerns you may have. Also, if your door hasn’t been serviced in a while, give us a call today and we will set up an appointment to make sure your door is in top working order.

Can I replace a “kick out” door with a sectional door?

Absolutely. However, keep in mind that these doors (no longer widely available) were designed to be installed using only a few inches of headroom. Sectional doors require about 10 - 12″ of headroom for standard lift tracks. If you have much less than this your sectional door will have to be installed using low headroom tracks which is an additional cost. In some cases your opening may even need to be built down in order to accommodate a sectional door. If your existing opening needs to be built down we can handle that as well.

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Basic Door Maintenance