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We Love a Challenge

Every now and then we run into a job that others have said “it’ll never work right” and they’ve somewhat given up on. That’s when we like to jump in and prove we’re up to the challenge. We recently had such an opportunity. The homeowner needed an old door opener replaced and the existing door opening built down so that the door could be properly sealed with weatherseal. The existing door and opener were apparently installed by the previous homeowner. The basement of the home had steel beams in strange places which led the previous homeowner to install everything in an equally strange way - which is most likely why some said “it’ll never work right.” The manner in which the old opener was installed was definitely not “by the book” but there was really no reason why a new opener installed the same way wouldn’t work just as well as the previous one had for 20 years…it just required a little more work than usual. Likewise, the door he had installed needed ample adjustment but nothing that was beyond repair.

The end result:
1. - We were able to install a brand new opener in much the same way the old one was installed and it worked just fine.
2. - We made the needed adjustments to the existing door (including reinforcing the top section which had never been done) and had it working much better/smoother than before.
3. - We built the opening down and added wood on the sides of the opening to allow installation of weatherseal around the door. This door was mounted directly to a block wall instead of wood jambs so all wood for the seals to be attached to had to be installed. We made certain all anchors used to mount the wood to the block were placed in such a way that they were hidden underneath the weatherseals. A final trim board was used on the outside of the header to hide all seams and produce a nice finished look - complete with drilled cavity for existing cable tv line to pass through.

After a little paint and caulking you wouldn’t be able to tell that this little improvement wasn’t part of the original plans, and that strange opener install turned out working just fine!

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