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Whether you are in the market for a new garage door or opener installation, replacement or repair we’ve got it covered. We service and repair all brands of doors and openers. Give us a call and we will answer any questions you have right over the phone. We believe in informing our customers. If you don’t need to replace it we’ll gladly tell you. Our philosphy is simple: honesty, quality and fairness. That’s what the Hickory area’s oldest family-owned & operated door business has always lived by.
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Why Pay More For “Professional” Grade Garage Door Openers?

Here’s a question that we encounter fairly often in our industry - particularly when people are pricing a new garage door opener. People often wonder, “why should I pay $100 to $150 more for a ‘professional’ model garage door opener when the home improvement store carries the same thing?” The simple answer? It’s not the same thing. Here’s the reason’s why:

1) The brands you purchase at the “big box stores” are usually manufactured by the same companies that make higher-end professional grade openers, but the store-bought models are cheaper for a reason. They are built using cheaper or “more economical” parts to keep the price down. This means some parts which are made of metal on professional models will be made of plastic on the box store models. It also means other issues.  For example, chain driven openers will usually involve the use of half chain and half cable on a box store model versus a completely solid chain on a professional model.

2) Your rail system will be weaker. Our LiftMaster professional model openers use a solid steel full-length opener rail. Home improvement store models, even those made by LiftMaster (Chamberlain), do not. The rail systems for the store-bought models come in pieces so that they fit neatly into a single box for easy shipping and customer purchase. This means they must be assembled and are inherently weaker due to all of the joints on the rail. This becomes evident when the opener is in use as you can see the flexing of the pieced rail. This can sometimes cause problems, especially with larger doors.

3) Professionally installed openers come not only with the manufacturer’s warranty but also with our company warranty. As with any product we install, we give you a one-year warranty that covers not only any product defects or problems that may occur but also any labor and parts costs associated with fixing the problem.

In a nutshell, you get a lot more for your money. Most people don’t realize that if you plan on purchasing a box store model and then having someone install it for you, you will usually end up paying nearly the same price as a professional grade, professionally installed product. The differences being a) it isn’t professional grade and b) you won’t have the added security of the company warranty. It’s the age-old saying of “you get what you pay for.” Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about your next opener - even if you don’t buy from us!

If a garage door spring breaks, should you replace both of them?

This is a question we receive very often, and here’s an honest answer:

If your door uses extension springs (they stretch down alongside the track as the door closes), you are usually better off replacing both springs. Replacing one spring will often cause the door to run crooked and possibly even jam due to the older spring being weaker than the new one.

If your door uses torsion springs (they sit on a bar or “shaft” over the door openeing), we leave the decision to the homeowner. Some people will tell you that you have to. It isn’t a bad idea but it isn’t a requirement. A torsion spring system will work just fine with one new and one old spring. However, the lifespan of springs is usually fairly consistent so you may find that the other spring lasts for a couple more years or it may break within a few months. It is impossible to tell visually so we leave the choice to you.

My garage door opener just hums, what is going on?

Most of the time, especially if you have a Chamberlain or LiftMaster brand door opener, this means that the main drive gear inside of the opener is worn out and no longer making contact to turn the sprocket assembly.

This is another instance where we inform our customers and let them make their own decision because the exact lifespan of an opener is impossible to predict. The average lifespan of an opener is somewhere between 12 - 15 years depending upon the size of your door and how often the opener is used. If your opener is in this age range you may want to consider replacing the broken unit with a new one (new factory warranty, new ADAM Door warranty, etc.). Replacing the main drive assembly is somewhat of a gamble on older units. We have replaced the assemblies in some units and they have lasted for many more years while others may last only a matter of months. In either instance we will always check the spring balancing of your door as this can sometimes be the cause of a worn out drive gear - another good reason to have your door serviced each year.

We will gladly install a new gear assembly for you if you like, or if you’re a mechanical person and you’d rather install it yourself you can drop by and purchase one anytime.

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